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Releases from Middle Pillar Presents & Hell’s Hundred Records are available from

The Changelings
Terra Firma
Release 9/2009
Digitally remastered re-issue fully expands the quintets orchestrations, multi-layered gorgeous female vocals, violin and exotic Middle Eastern/ Neo-Classical melodies & tribal rhythms.

The Changelings
Release 9/2009
Digitally remastered re-issue fully expands the quintets orchestrations, multi-layered gorgeous female vocals, violin and exotic Middle Eastern/ Neo-Classical melodies & tribal rhythms.

Sub Rosa
Release 12/2007.
The second album from the collaborative neo-classical / heavenly voices duo of Summer Bowman (the Machine in the Garden) and Dru Allen (This Ascension). The new album mixes classical sensibilities with exotic electronics and acoustic instrumentation. A joint release between Middle Pillar and Projekt Records.

Re-Released 12/2007.
Debut release of atmospheric and neo-classical inspired sounds led by extraordinary female vocals. A joint re-issue between Middle Pillar and Projekt Records. (Fomerly catalog # MPP983)

Middle Pillar Presents MPP976:
The Unquiet Void
The Shadow-Haunted Outside
Release 10/2006.
Terrifying and anxiety-producing dark ambience. The first pressing is limited to 500 signed and numbered copies.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP978:
Imaginary Ways
Released 04/2006.
A rich, expansive sound of intricate melodies, lush instrumentation and the romantic warm vocals.

Hell’s Hundred Records HHR1006:
The Empire Hideous
Body of Work
Released 04/2006.
The first decade of material from this seminal band that launched from the East coast goth rock scene.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP979:
The Unquiet Void
Poisoned Dreams : Talisman Box Set
Released 06/2005.
Limited edition box set. Sold out - out of print!

Hell’s Hundred Records HHR1005:
Mister Monster
Deep Dark Ltd. CD-EP
Released 06/2005.
Deathrock goth-punk mixes dragster trash guitars and blood-soaked melodic crooning for all boo-wop fans!

Middle Pillar Presents MPP975:
The Machine in the Garden
Shadow Puppets
Released 06/2005.
A seamless amalgam of electronics, ethereal melodies, sensuous rhythms and beautiful female vocals.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP989:
Economy of Movement
Released 02/2005.
Taiko, tribal percussion, and martial industrial mixing with electronic soundscapes and primal intensity.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP980:
The Unquiet Void
Poisoned Dreams
Released 12/2004.
Ritualistic, dark ambient score based upon the works of Lovecraft / Cthulhu Mythos.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP977:
The Mirror Reveals
This Infinite Eye
Released 05/2004.
Enchanting female vocals, ethereal soundscapes, and violin mix with elements of electronica.

Hell’s Hundred Records HHR1003:
The Brides
The Brides
Released 05/2004.
Ultra melodic thumping fast deathrock with garage punk undertones.

Hell’s Hundred Records HHR1002:
Mister Monster
Over Your Dead Body v2
Released 05/2004.
Razor's edge deathrock with a unique dose of '50s doo-wop and horror camp.

Hell’s Hundred Records HHR1001:
The Empire Hideous
Say Your Prayers
Released 11/2003.
Cohesive masterwork from the bastard child of rock 'n' roll and goth.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP005:
Various Artists: ECLECTICA 2
Released 09/2003.
Label sampler featuring club-friendly tracks mixed with brand new songs that still satisfy our ethereal and experimental aesthetic. Exclusive music from the Machine in the Garden, Aenima, Mirabilis and more.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP981:
The Changelings
The Changelings (self-titled debut)
Released 05/2003.
Re-issue of the long out of print, ethereal masterpiece, featuring digitally re-mastered sound and new artwork.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP984:
Released 03/2003.
A stunning production of darkwave, ethereal and gothic rock songs with an epic layering of female siren song harmonies.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP982:
Clouds Without Water
Released 11/2002.
The masters of the cinematic instrumental join forces with an array of top vocalists who succinctly illustrate humanity's swansong.


Middle Pillar Presents MPP985:
The Changelings
Released 07/2002.
Their long awaited cosmic jewel of ethereal bliss tinged with Middle Eastern percussion and dazzling vocals.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP986:
the Machine in the Garden
Released 07/2002.
An album of diverse beauty and transcendence, a powerful yet delicate mix of darkwave influences and ethereal melodies.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP988:
A Murder of Angels
In The Air
Released 12/2001.
Atmospheric with elements of neoclassical, melodic, and darkly textured damnbience.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP990:
In The Bloodlit Dark - The Lost Album
Released 10/2001.
A dark cinematic, subconscious revolution for a New Dark Age; the lost score to the post-apocalyptic movie in your head.


Middle Pillar Presents MPP987:
The Mirror Reveals
Released 08/2001.
New CDep featuring the title track plus three other ethereal songs and beautiful female vocals. Limited to 1000 copies.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP992:
Released 06/2001.
Exotic rhythms, lush instrumentation, acoustic guitar, tribal drumming & deep, rich male vocals.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP991:
Loretta's Doll
Creeping Sideways
Released 04/2001.
Very dark electronics and rhythms, featuring guest performances by Genesis P-Orridge and Orson Welles.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP993:
Abnormal Love
Released 02/2001.
Cybernetic chaos and beauty...

Middle Pillar Presents MPP994:
The Machine in the Garden
Out of the Mists
Released 01/2001.
Enhanced CD includes the full length album with twelve new dark and ethereal songs, plus the video for "The Unaware."

Middle Pillar Presents MPP002:
Various Artists: BUTOH
Released 09/2000.
A label sampler exploring the experimental Japanese Dance theatre. Ethereal atmospherics with a rhythmic edge.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP995:
The Unquiet Void
Between the Twilights
Released 07/2000.
Celestial ambient...

Middle Pillar Presents MPP000:
Various Artists: What Is Eternal
Released 12/1998.
Limited digipak edition of 1000.
MPP000X: Released 04/2000
Second printing in a limited jewel case UK edition of 500 via World Serpent. Out of print.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP997:
The Mirror Reveals
Frames of Teknicolor
Released 02/2000.
Heavenly voices and ethereal sound sculpture...

Middle Pillar Presents MPP998:
A Murder of Angels
While You Sleep
Released 09/1999.
Dark, sculptural, and damnbient! CD is out-of-print, but album is available digitally.

exclusively available from iTunes

Middle Pillar Presents MPP999:
The Machine in the Garden
One Winter's Night
Released 05/1999.
Ethereal, dark and sorrowful...