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Track listing:

  1. Divinity
  2. Forsaken by Sky
  3. Julia
  4. In This Heaven Once More

Middle Pillar Presents

The Mirror Reveals - Divinity

The DIVINITY EP is the new release from THE MIRROR REVEALS. This CD-EP is the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut, Frames Of Teknicolor and continues their blend of dark melodic torch songs with layers of guitars, synths and now, with the addition of Joanna Dalin (ex-Backworld), violin.

The DIVINITY EP begins with the title track, a trippy dark lament inspired by Milton's Paradise Lost, which swirls around the beautiful vocals of Kit Messick. The sympathetic voice consoles one who has lost everything and is condemned "wandering a circle on and on".

The next track, "Forsaken by Sky", is a light introspective song that builds upon the Shakespearean axiom "the fault lies not in the stars but in ourselves". Accented by a stirring violin melody and acoustic guitars, "Forsaken by Sky" engages the listener with its enthusiasm and energy.

"Julia" leads us back in to the darkness. Driven by strumming acoustics and haunting vocals by Babbo, the song pleads for the title character to "wake from her trance" and live again. This dark poetic piece resonates with Dalin's violin, which circles around the ear.

The EP closes with the instrumental, "In This Heaven Once More". Melodic guitars float over atmospheric synths to provide traveling music for the ascent into the ether.

The release of the DIVINITY EP coincides with the band's appearance at Convergence 7 in NYC and is limited to 1000 copies.