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Artists: Middle Pillar Presents: The Mirror Reveals

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The Mirror Reveals

From Middle Pillar Presents and based in NYC, The Mirror Reveals consists of vocalist Kit Messick (ex-Unto Ashes), violinist Joanna Dalin (ex-Backworld) and guitarist/songwriter Babbo.

The band's initial incarnation sprang as a side project for Middle Pillar Presents co-founder Babbo in 1999. For the label's premiere release, the What is Eternal compilation, he created an etheral track under the name The Mirror Reveals. Due to positive reaction, The Mirror Reveals have blossomed into a fully realized group. Their music is conceived as a work of art, a broad canvas where beautiful female vocals and haunting melodies are the paint and dark emotions are the subject of the piece.

Kit Messick, a performer since she was 13, sings in the NYC cabaret circuit interpreting Gershwin and Cole Porter for a new generation. From 1997-1999 Kit sang for the New York band Unto Ashes who's first recorded appearance was the aforementioned What Is Eternal compilation.

Over the course of 1999, Kit and Babbo worked on the debut full-length: Frames of Teknicolor released in spring of 2000. The album draws upon Kit's cabaret background incorporating a torch song style that effectively uses her sultry voice to its fullest. The raw recorded tracks were mixed and sculpted into their final form by Bryin Dall and Derek Rush of A Murder of Angels. The result is a dark cinematic space, created by effects and electronics, and inhabited with warm melodies.

Joanna Dalin, a classical trained violinist, joined the band in mid-2000. An ex-member of the World Serpent band Backworld, she has also appeared on albums for Lydia Lunch, Dream into Dust and others.

To coincide with the band's performance at Convergence 7, the net-goth festival, the Mirror Reveals released the CD-EP Divinity. The title track is a trip-hop lament inspired by Milton's Paradise Lost. Kit's haunting vocals are complimented by Joanna's violin melodies.

The new album This Infinite Eye, released in May 2004, expands the sound of TMR with an epic grander scale encompassing numerous guitar soundscapes and electronic beats. Kit Messick's displays consummate skill whether singing acoustic ballads or ethereal dance tracks. Joanna Dalin's violin accompanies Kit's melodies with her own as Babbo's guitar moves from subdued rhythms to aggressive leads.