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Track listing:

  1. 1939
  2. Confined
  3. Moebius Stripped
  4. In a Box
  5. Dreaming of Myself
  6. In a Memory
  7. The Undying Man
  8. Frozen in Time

Middle Pillar Presents

The Mirror Reveals - Frames of Teknicolor

The latest band to emerge from the esoteric label Middle Pillar Presents is The Mirror Reveals, consisting of songwriter/lyricist James Babbo and vocalist Kit Messick. Their music is conceived as a work of art, a broad canvas where beautiful female vocals and haunting melodies are the paint and dark emotions are the subject of the piece.

Babbo, one of the founders of the Middle Pillar Presents label, had worked as a songwriter and singer for various other bands. For the What is Eternal compilation, he wrote Let All The Poets' Sing as The Mirror Reveals, the name being a reference to Galadriel, the elf queen from JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. The song, featuring Alexandra Phillips on lead and back up vocals, was a critical success from many reviews of the comp, prompting a follow up. Alexandra was unavailable and that was when Kit Messick stepped in.

From 1997-1999 Kit sang for the New York band, Unto Ashes. Both Kit's and the band's first recorded appearance was for Middle Pillar's What Is Eternal comp, just a couple spots away from the band she would eventually be joining, also giving their debut recording appearance. scenes.

After leaving the group, she met Babbo who had been looking for a new singer. Over the course of 1999, the duo worked on Frames of Teknicolor. The album draws upon Kit's cabaret background incorporating a torch song style that effectively uses her sultry voice to its fullest.

The raw recorded tracks were mixed and sculpted into their final form by Bryin Dall and Derek Rush of A Murder of Angels. The result is a dark cinematic space, created by effects and electronics, and inhabited with warm melodies.

Mark Steiner of the NYC based Piker Ryan's Folly appears on guest vocals for The Undying Man. His performance with Kit shines on the fairy tale, which is inspired by Tolkien's poem, 'Beren and Tinúviel'.