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Artists: Middle Pillar Presents: A Murder of Angels


A Murder of Angels

Born from the minds of Bryin Dall and Derek Rush, A Murder of Angels evokes a universe of disturbing atmospheres best described by the term "damnbient." The duo blend washes of atmospherics with elements from adjacent genres, shaping electronic textures with neoclassical flights of fancy.

A Murder of Angels' 1999 debut, While You Sleep, displayed their dark experimental style of instrumental dark ambient. The album is a dark construct of dense emotions a soundtrack to your most terrifying nightmare.

BLACK magazine called their debut "...precise in evoking a feeling of gooseflesh at dusk."

OUTBURN magazine said "While You Sleep is a declaration of sonic eerieness not often experienced, a wonderful expansion of the dark sonicscape perimeters, a dream that allows no escape"

While HORROR-on-Line named it "...the scariest thing you'll hear all year!"

The follow-up album, In the Air, is a blend of melody and mystery. Electronic atmospherics float over orchestral tunings of disembodied creatures while voices sigh around ghostly transistors.

Bryin is best known for his work with Loretta's Doll, his solo project 4th Sign of the Apocalypse, as well as collaborating with Genesis P-Orridge as Thee Majesty.

Derek is known for his project Dream Into Dust. The two have previously collaborated together as Of Unknown Origin.