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Track listing:

  1. Crossing the Threshold
  2. Submerged Beginning
  3. Momentary Vision
  4. Decaying Among the Hopeful
  5. Nothing is Written in Stone
  6. Tomorrow in a Heartbeat
  7. Excavation of the Words
  8. A Trail of Gossamer
  9. To Find Lost Peace

Middle Pillar Presents


"Who's there?" a frightened voice asks at the beginning of In the Air by A Murder of Angels. This sets the tone for this new work that furthers the "damnbient" style originated in the band's debut, 1999's While You Sleep.

In the Air weaves electronic textures with neoclassical nightmares. While some moments explore an overwhelming sense of melodic melancholy, the songs offer an equally intense depth of experimental structures and atmospheres, creating a unique and vivid storytelling milieu.

A musical soundtrack stirs images trembling on the razor's edge of spirituality and science. The album's packaging adds a turn-of-the-century feel that complements the music. Pictographs of figures frozen in settings of complacency lend an eerie touch.

Whispering voices appear out of the ether. Piano and electronic pulses punctuate orchestral loops. Cellos and flutes accompany theramin sighs. Moments evoke walking through an empty city where only the sounds of nature reclaiming its territory are heard. Percussive echoes like a stone being kicked haunt the tracks.

Always unpredictable, a song sometimes starts with a beautiful melody and then morphs into a nightmarish soundscape. Another may begin with alien strains but end with Eno-esque choirs of voices.

In the Air causes you to rethink what you hear with each listen. Sounds slither, crawl and drop into a song and then drift away. This is dark ambient seething with yearning emotion; a symphony of the dark energy abandoned by industry.

Created by Bryin Dall (4th Sign of the Apocalypse/ Loretta's Doll) and Derek Rush (Dream Into Dust).