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Artists signed to Middle Pillar Presents explore electronic soundscapes, ethereal currents, or harsh environs, forming the complex tapestry of music that MPP began publishing in 1998.

Bands signed to Hell's Hundred Records proudly land anywhere between 1950's horror movie fun, 70's punk mentality and 80's goth/new wave sounds.

Aenima (MPP)
The Brides (HHR)
The Changelings (MPP)
The Empire Hideous (HHR)
Loretta's Doll (MPP)
The Machine in the Garden (MPP)
Mirabilis (MPP)
The Mirror Reveals (MPP)
Mister Monster (HHR)
A Murder of Angels (MPP)
Sumerland (MPP)
Thread (MPP)
The Unquiet Void (MPP)