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Track listing:

  1. Falling, Too
  2. These Illusions
  3. Control
  4. Lost In Side
  5. Miserere Mei
  6. Fear No More
  7. Ex Oblivione
  8. The Sleep of Angels
  9. Windows of Their Eyes
  10. Everything Alone
  11. Lullaby
  12. Midnight
  13. Io's Departure

Middle Pillar Presents

The Machine in the Garden - One Winter's Night

MIDDLE PILLAR is proud to present the band's third release. One Winter's Night is a little bit of everything about music that can make you happy, make you cry, make you pensive, make you miss a loved one, and make you want to immerse yourself in its sound. The latest release from the Machine In the Garden demonstrates the band's continuing maturity in composition, making music that is elegantly simple while still complexly experimental. Rich layers of electronics and guitars accompany haunting predominantly female vocals to create a diverse yet coherent collection of work.

Experience an alluring mixture of ethereal aesthetics, electronics, and siren vocals. A technological savviness provides mixture of styles, propelling the thirteen songs beyond pure emotional ambience. Amid serene and haunting enchantments there is enough movement and melody to challenge the most stoic of listeners.