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Artists: Hell's Hundred Records: The Brides

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The Brides

Where have all the good songs gone? They've gone to THE BRIDES who have written, recorded, and performed them with ferocity and decisiveness since 2001 and continue to do so. If you kept your eyes and ears open during the last two years you may have heard them spun at a club or seen them live. But if you had the experience you'd know it. This band has no boundaries to its music and is insistent on melody and hooks. THE BRIDES are entertainers and songwriters and they do not disappoint.

Looking somewhat like a mix between four silent movie era horror stars, a fascist sports franchise and an absurdist work of art, THE BRIDES have taken the stage to excite audiences throughout the U. S. Lead vocalists Corey Gorey and Gregjaw alternate between crooning and howling while splitting guitar and bass duties. D. W. Friend is unabashedly eager about hitting his drums and singing along with contagious energy, while Julia Ghoulia shoots looks of distrust across the room as she hovers determinedly above her keyboard. The band plays fast bursts of spooky rock that displays up- tempo elements of garage, punk, old school deathrock and all with pop sensibilities that never let you get away without a catchy chorus.

Since the band's inception in 2001 by founders Gorey and Friend, THE BRIDES have released a steady stream of well-received EPs. The initial release was a European-exclusive 4-song promo CD entitled Dress Code Blue to accompany THE BRIDES on their first outing to Europe in 2001. Gorey's lyrical plots centered around outdoor-cat mind control coercing the torture of dolls, the reunion of deceased criminals, and the need to inflict pain on celebrities due to the failure of one's love life. February 2002 brought the 8- song If You Dance EP. This was followed up with the 2002 summer tour – supported Baby Girls Are Much More Tender, and the dual issue of Here Come The Brides - Part One and Here Come The Brides - Part Two in December of that same year.

Their performances have garnered considerable critical acclaim. The New York Press' April 29th, 2003 issue reported: "THE BRIDES aren't quite riffing the 60s, 70s or 80s, nor are they trying to anticipate 2010. Too campy to be goth, not trite enough to be fashionable, not deadpan enough for some, too tongue-in-cheek for others – they've moved past irony to absurdism. The calculated image is ultimately a foil to their live show: a no-nonsense, high-energy pummeling of raw guitars that make surprisingly dynamic roller-coaster dips between the Ventures and Rudimentary Peni."

Well-known British journalist Mick Mercer on Baby Girls Are Much More Tender – "You have to love the way the organ stabs the air between the vocal fists of 'Hi!', or the whimsical thrash of 'The Infinity Hotel', and you barely get time to catch your breath. 'We Are Still Ladies And Gentlemen Here' will run you through with its sharp guitar, then trundle you off to be disemboweled in time with the grumbling bass. Give me a band like this over a hundred gloominous pretentious twats any day of the week. They have a wild world inside their head and you get temporary admission to the asylum. It's worth a visit."

Recently signed to HELL'S HUNDRED RECORDS (a division of Middle Pillar Presents), THE BRIDES have recently finished their self-titled debut CD scheduled for May 2004. Once again produced and recorded by Jacques Cohen, he is well known for his work with Mercury Rev and Bright among others. Cohen is responsible for capturing all of THE BRIDES' past material, as well as Gorey and Friend's previous band The Brickbats. The upcoming disc will include much of the music audiences have thrilled to at THE BRIDES' shows played over the last year, and features a guest performance on the track "Pleasure of My Company" by Melora Creager of the band Rasputina.

THE BRIDES headlined the Convergence festival at The Metro in Chicago in May of 2004 and smashed through a U. S. tour in the summer of that same year.

THE BRIDES have previously appeared on a number of compilation releases including Trinity Volume 1 from online music zine Starvox. net, Carpe Noctum from the U. K., the "Release the Rats" CD from Creepy Rat Recordings and have recorded several track for various tribute albums from Failure To Communicate Records, the first of which is dedicated to New Order/ Joy Division.