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Track listing:

  1. Whore Money
  2. Death Wears Red
  3. Black Market Rebate
  4. Normal
  5. Hags of Old Broadway
  6. Hioty Toity
  7. Pleasure of My Company
  8. Pink Purple Blue
  9. Measure of Caution
  10. Brooklyn Gothic
  11. Lovesick Minority
  12. Centroplex
  13. Overpower
  14. Marchinha
  15. The Strange Passing of John Coal
  16. Audience to the End

Middle Pillar Presents

The Brides - The Brides

Where have all the good songs gone? They've gone to THE BRIDES who have written, recorded, and performed them with ferocity and decisiveness since 2001 and continue to do so for their self-titled, debut full length CD.

Released on Hell's Hundred Records (a subsidiary of Middle Pillar), The Brides was produced and recorded by Jacques Cohen, known for his work with Mercury Rev and Bright among others. The album is ultra melodic thumping fast deathrock with garage punk undertones. The furious guitars and vocals are backed up by an energetic rhythm section and sinister organ keyboards.

The Brides is a collection of 16 perfect dark-pop triumphs; dynamic up-tempo songs that never overstay their welcome, but leave you humming. The disc includes much of the music audiences have thrilled to at the band's shows played over the last year. It also includes a special guest performance on the track "Pleasure of My Company" by Melora Creager of the band Rasputina. Other standouts include the breakout ironic sing-a-long of "Whore Money", the eerie keyboard cautionary dark city tale of "Black Market Rebate", and the passionate Birthday Party influenced "The Strange Passing of John Coal", with it's memorable yet caustic chorus.

The Brides self-titled full length debut is available from