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Artists: Middle Pillar Presents: The Unquiet Void

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The Unquiet Void

The Unquiet Void is the electronic alter ego of Jason Wallach. Since 1989, he has created a unique style of synthesized ambiance that stirs the soul and stimulates the mind.

Working as a one-man electronic orchestra, Jason composes pieces of celestial ambiance. He has honed his stylings on numerous compilations, usually paying tribute to those artists that had influenced him over his decade long musical career. Covers of David Bowie, Lycia and Black Tape for a Blue Girl as well as original compositions have gained The Unquiet Void an international following of ethereal and ambient music fans.

On the strength of these songs Jason is sought after for soundtrack work and has scored the independent film Scorpio from Phantom Productions. Scorpio is the first full length CD from The Unquiet Void. He continues to score for computer-animated films in addition to TUV.

His second record, Between the Twilights, released by Middle Pillar Presents, is a representation of his dreams in audio form – from evening to morning twilight – hence the CD's title. Between the Twilights sweeps the listener up with swirls of ethereal soundscapes that subliminally enters the unconsciousness – an ascent into celestial ambiance.

In November of 2004, The Unquiet Void released Poisoned Dreams. An original score based upon the "Cthulhu mythos" of late horror fiction maestro H. P. Lovecraft, specifically the stories Dagon, Call of Cthulhu and The Shadow Over Innsmouth, this release is the first installment of a trilogy depicting the events leading up to the subjugation of the human species.

Jason's first live performance as the Unquiet Void took place at Middle Pillar's Holiday Party in NYC, December 2004.

Fall of 2006 saw the release of The Shadow-Haunted Outside, the second installment of the now expected Lovecraft trilogy.