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Track listing:

  1. A Troubled, Dream-Infested Slumber
  2. Cyclopean Monolith
  3. Necronomicon
  4. Return to Innsmouth
  5. The Esoteric Order
  6. The Shadow Over Innsmouth
  7. We Shall Dive Down Through Black Abysses
  8. R'lyeh Rerisen

Middle Pillar Presents

The Unquiet Void - Poisoned Dreams

Poisoned Dreams is the third album from The Unquiet Void. Composer Jason Wallach has crafted an original score based upon the works of internationally renowned, cult horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, specifically the Cthulhu Mythos.

Here, Wallach provides a ritualistic instrumental accompaniment to the other-worldy aspect of Lovecraft's disturbing prose. Pieces are inspired by the stories: Dagon, The Call of Cthulhu, and The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Tribal, ritualistic, dark ambient - Poisoned Dreams are nightmares given digital form. Sinister sounds scratch in the dark as the album opens with "A Troubled, Dream-Infested Slumber." A windy rainstorm parts to reveal eerie synths and percussive footfalls into the "Cycopean Monolith."

As the album progresses different moods of mystery, wonder and terror unfold. The Ancient Gods are summoned by the chants of "The Esoteric Order", a collaboration with Bryin Dall (A Murder of Angels, Loretta's Doll, Thee Majesty). "We Shall Dive Down Through Black Abysses" is a romantic journey through the ethereal soup of the dark subconscious. Finally all nightmares are manifested in "R'lyeh Rerisen."

Poisoned Dreams is potent cocktail of intelligent nightmarish music, sure to appeal to fans of dark ambient experimental music akin to A Murder of Angels, Lustmord, and Zoar.

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