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Middle Pillar Presents

The Unquiet Void - Poisoned Dreams : Talisman Box Set

The Poisoned Dreams:Talisman Box offers protection from control by the Elder Gods!

Limited to just 15 sets, all individually handmade by Jason Wallach (The Unquiet Void), the Poisoned Dreams: Talisman Box Set contains a wooden hand-crafted box, crackle painted and covered with special runes - Lovecraft's version of the "elder sign" which symbolize protection against the Old Ones. Affixed to the top of the box is a talisman of a 'Deep One' - a dark creature described in the Innsmouth Lovecraft stories. Because the individual boxes and Deep One Talismans are hand cast and painted, each of the 15 sets are unique!

The felt-lined boxes include a CD exclusive to this set: The "Dagon" CD features Jason reading Lovecraft's story "Dagon", an interview with Jason about the making of "Poisoned Dreams," and his future plans for TUQV's next album, "The Shadow Outside." The Dagon CD will only be made available in this set and will not be duplicated in any future release. The set also contains a signed "Talisman" insert card, autographed and numbered by the artist himself.

The Talisman Box is also available with a signed and numbered edition of the Poisoned Dreams CD album.

The Unquiet Void - Poisoned Dreams: Talisman Box Set "Album" edition with signed, number edition of Poisoned Dreams CD $55.00

The Unquiet Void - Poisoned Dreams: Talisman Box Set (without Poisoned Dreams CD for those who already own the album) $45.00