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Track Listing:

  1. Cold Heart
  2. Waves
  3. Blue Fire
  4. The Grail
  5. Out Of A Misty Dream
  6. Moon's On Fire
  7. The Golden Wedding Of Sorrow
  8. Storytellers
  9. Little Plaything
  10. This Infinite Eye
  11. Finale

Middle Pillar Presents

The Mirror Reveals - This Infinite Eye

This Infinite Eye is the long awaited new full-length release from the ethereal trio The Mirror Reveals. This album expands their sound with electronic beats and an epic structure of multi-layered guitars and violin while some tracks still incorporate the acoustic feel of their previous two releases. Kit Messick's voice enchants with somber harmony and heartfelt emotion. Joanna Dalin's violin sways in and about with fiery intensity adding distinct melodies as well as calm sentiment. The chilling lyrics by Babbo juggle many facets of the heart and mind (love, fantasy, terror, philosophy, loss) with ever-twisting metaphors and poetic direction.

The changing moods of a "Cold Heart", the ever-faithful optimism of "Waves", the brief flare of life colored by "Blue Fire," all breathe percussive energy into the band's ethereal style. Tales unfold, through the mystery of "The Grail" and the sea-chanty of "Moon's On Fire," culminating around a campfire as told by the enigmatic "Storytellers." The horrors of an abused past are confronted in "Little Plaything." All meaning is questioned in the title track, "This Infinite Eye" - a chutes and ladders exploration of what lies beyond and beneath reality and faith. The album also features their fan favorite cover of Death in June's "Golden Wedding of Sorrow". Tribal drums, violin and acoustic guitars underlie the heart-rending interpretation of love's bitter tastes of commitment by Kit Messick.

The Mirror Reveals' This Infinite Eye is available from