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Track listing:

  1. Everything in Motion
  2. Elfin Girl
  3. Mermaid
  4. Colosso
  5. So Many Selves
  6. Out of the Body
  7. Inana
  8. Happily Ever After
  9. Butterfly Wings

Middle Pillar Presents

Sumerland - Imaginary Ways

Middle Pillar proudly presents Imaginary Ways, the long awaited second album by Sumerland. The Portland, Oregon based band have expanded upon their debut record SIVO, with a rich, expansive sound of intricate melodies through lush instrumentation and the romantic warm vocals of Dorien Campbell. The production values belie your ears as Imaginary Ways contains an otherworldy sphere of music created only by four consummate musicians – more than the sum of their parts.

Imaginary Ways plays lyrically with karmic balance, hope and love, beauty in reality. The line “What if there is no Guardian Angel?” from opening track “Everything In Motion” sets the tone for the album. “Elfin Girl” playfully invokes the title Imaginary Ways as a real place full of possibilities and happiness. On “Colosso,” lyrics speak of an unrequited love where “maybe some day I’ll see your pretty little face underneath mine.” The album explodes with the cataclysmic “So Many Selves” as the band collectively channels their anger vocally suggesting a hunter wolf howling in the moonlight.

Dorien Campbell’s alluring vocals guides us to these compositions of romanticism with mythic overtones (“Elfin Girl,” “Mermaid,” “Inana”). But where on SIVO he offered an intense travelogue through arcane esoterica, Imaginary Ways transmutes Joy Division and SWANS into new emboldened sensibilities, the dour is temporary and the veil to morning sunlight is lifting. The album ends with “Butterfly Wings” which is probably the definitive Sumerland performance with heartfelt vocals, soaring guitars and deep pounding tribal drumming morphing into a hypnotic jam that doesn’t let you go even as the gossamer melody trails off.

The Limited Edition pressing of just 500 copies is available from .