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Track listing:

  1. Zarathustra
  2. Glorious
  3. The Blessings of Morpheus
  4. Byegones To The New Heaven
  5. Interlude
  6. Exalted City
  7. Morpeus (Repraise)
  8. Mother Earth
  9. Elaphim
  10. Circle Dance
  11. Crimson Tree

Middle Pillar Presents

Sumerland - Sivo

Four sets of hearts and minds shape SUMERLAND (soo-mur land): Dorien Campbell (vocals and guitar), David Gibson (bass), Marshall Serna (keyboards), and Enrique Ugalde (drums, guitar, vocals). Sharing a similar musical vision, the band formed in '97, taking the name after a progressive state of consciousness achieved on the way to the afterlife.

Based in Portland, Oregon, SUMERLAND quickly established themselves in the Northwest US music scene through their electrifying live performances. With a blend of acoustic instruments, keyboard strings and tribal drumming, SUMERLAND's live shows are not a typical band concert, but rather like a force of nature on stage. Their performances recall a summoning of something otherworldly, yet their music taps into something archetypically primal and spiritual within the human consciousness. They generate such intensity that we are lifted out of ourselves and transported elsewhere, to a world where lush green trees surround us with the thick green velvet of the forest floor pressing underneath our feet.

For their debut full length, Middle Pillar has released the exotically entitled Sivo, which truly manages to capture the lush and intoxicating sound that makes SUMERLAND resonate so powerfully on stage. Underneath the enchanting instrumentation is the emotionally charged voice of Dorien Campbell. Reminiscent of David Sylvian of Japan and Dominic Appleton of This Mortal Coil, Dorien's sensual baritone vocals and haunting lyrics weave effortlessly around the melodies of the players. Shimmering guitars, heavy rolling percussion, melodic bass, gentle washes of synths and deeply affecting, and hypnotic voices make for a hypnotic blend of enigmatic intensity. Sivo is singularly unique in its ability to transcend the boundaries of dark and sorrowful music...

For more information on Sumerland, a wonderful review of Sivo, and a handful of pictures from the Sivo record release parties in Seattle and Portland, please follow this link to Starvox (thanks Blu!)