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Track listing:

  1. AENIMA - Pale (Remix)

  2. ZOAR - Ashes Falling (Hyper-Magma Remix by Carmen Rizzo)

  3. LORETTA'S DOLL - Nature (Cream of the Crop Remix)

  4. THE UNQUIET VOID - R'lyeh Rerisen (Original Version)

  5. MIRABILIS - In the Dark (Remix)

  6. SUMERLAND - Morpheus (Repraise)


  8. A MURDER OF ANGELS - Momentary Visions

  9. † THREAD - The Chattering Man

  10. THE CHANGELINGS - My Shadow, Your Ghost(Time Traveller Mix)


  12. SUMERLAND - Butterfly Wings (Edit Version)

  13. † 4TH SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE - A Song for Sosaja

  14. KOBE - Lotus (Slippers in the Snow Mix)

Middle Pillar Presents

Various Artists - Eclectica Volume 2

Eclectica Volume 2 is a mid-priced compilation featuring almost all exclusive or remixed tracks from Middle Pillar Presents artists as an introductory package to the label.

Eclectica Volume 2 is a departure from previous MPP compilations as club friendly tracks are mixed in with brand new songs that still satisfy our ethereal and experimental aesthetic.

This is especially true of the trance mix of Zoar: "Ashes Falling" (remixed by Carmen Rizzo who has collaborated with Delirium among others), the trip-hop mix of The Changelings: "My Shadow, Your Ghost", a darkwave dance mix of the usually madrigal Mirabilis: "In the Dark", as well as our lead track, the fleshed out ethereal/electronic mix of Aenima: "Pale". Other highlights are Loretta's Doll, who offer an electronic version of "Nature" while the Machine in the Garden contribute the brand new track "Suspend".

While the majority of the songs will remain exclusive to this release, Eclectica Volume 2 also serves as a teaser to upcoming releases coming out on Middle Pillar Presents. The compilation offers a sneak preview of albums from Mirabilis and The Mirror Reveals due in Fall 2003, with Thread, Sumerland, The Unquiet Void, and Kobe releases following shortly afterwards into Spring 2004.

This special low-priced introduction to Middle Pillar Presents comes in an exceptional varnished digipack and is limited to just 2000 copies worldwide.

Eclectica Volume 2 was Pre-mastered by Bryin Dall at Waxy Yellow Buildup Studios, NYC; Mastered at Mindswerve Studios, NYC by Flam. Packaged, designed by Unknown Graphic Services.

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† exclusive track

Track 1 is an exclusive mix of a track from Sentient

Track 2 is an exclusive mix of a track from Clouds Without Water

Track 3 is an exclusive mix of a track from from the Creeping Shadows

Track 4 is an exclusive mix of a track from from the Poisoned Dreams

Track 5 is an exclusive mix of a track from Pleiades

Track 10 is an exclusive mix of a track from the Astronomica

Track 14 is an exclusive mix of a track from the Economy of Movement