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Track listing:

  1. Saved
  2. Nature
  3. Song of Solomon
  4. Albemuth
  5. Covered in the Wild Roses
  6. Center of Nothing
  7. The Disconnected
  8. Crawling Over the Face of the Moon

Middle Pillar Presents

Loretta's Doll - Creeping Sideways

With their newest release, layers of primal sound and organic textures match the intensity of the lyrics that draw from the magickal to the classical.

Since 1992 LORETTA'S DOLL have released a string of eclectic releases, all revealing the darkness within the light. Weaving their own unique blend of "Electro-Acoustick Musickal Mayhem" allows them access through the Gothic, Industrial, Experimental, and Electronic realms in order to expose their twisted, abstract and often mercurial sound. Throughout their nine years of existence and eight official releases, LORETTA'S DOLL have created an impressive body of work that reflects themes of the alchemical, the absurd and melancholia. Currently acting as a quartet, the players include Bryin Dall (Vocals, Samples, Guitars), Kevin Dunn (Drums & Electronic Percussion), Scott Reiter (Synths and Engineering), and Kevin Wahlen (Chapman Stick, 8-string Bass and Synths).

Their latest, Creeping Sideways, is their darkest and most expressive work to date. Collaborator Derek Rush (Dream into Dust) joins Loretta's Doll on bass guitar and production duties, adding his affinity for dark soundscapes and apocalyptic textures. Further exploring the boundaries of semi-structured dark electro- experimentalism, "Nature" is ominous, crashing and foreboding in sound, with Bryin's distinctive affected growl winding throughout. "Song of Solomon" is throbbing, sensual and tribalistic, featuring frequent phantom member Orson Welles. With disjointed rhythms, minimalist glitches and synths, "Albemuth" is an even further progression into their amorphous sound. "The Disconnected" is a ranting diatribe of human degradation and disgust that could only be spoken with any cynical conviction by guest vocalist Genesis P-Orridge (Psychic TV, Thee Majesty). The album has the additional importance of being the first joint release between World Serpent and Middle Pillar.

Creeping Sideways is the next step in the evolution of LORETTA'S DOLL, a band that continues to grow with each release and gnaw at the reality that underlies the commonplace and everyday. That reality is shattered by the uneasiness that infests Creeping... and imbues a lasting effect that can be called Dark Cerebral music.