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Track listing:

  1. Over Your Dead Body
  2. Prom Night
  3. This Night I Call Bad Luck
  4. ‘Til The End, Her Open Grave
  5. Dead Flesh Gurl
  6. Bigger Shop of Horrors
  7. All My Monsters
  8. Love Thornz
  9. Amy Sue
  10. Little Frankenstein
  11. Transylvania Mania
  12. Send More Paramedics
  13. Scars...19

Middle Pillar Presents

Mister Monster - Over Your Dead Body v2

From the hippest monster-billy act in the underground horror punk scene comes the re-worked debut album from MISTER MONSTER. Entitled Over Your Dead Body V2, it features additional bonus tracks and a full-length video for "This Night I Call Bad Luck".

Mister Monster has been devastating the deathrock /gothpunk scene for five years sharing the stage with the likes of The Misfits, Doomtree, Rock City Morgue, The Undead, Blitzkid and GWAR. Their unique style combines punk rock with a dose of '50's doo-wop and horror camp. Singer J-Sin Trioxin leads the band through 14 bone-rattling tracks alternately filled with cool rock n'roll crooning, or anguished cries of love lost.and usually the zombie variety. Titles like "Her Open Grave," "Dead Flesh Gurl" and "Send More Paramedics" display the band's dark brand of horror humor while tracks like "Bigger Shop of Horrors" and "All My Monsters" their vicious guitars and rhythmic assaults. Over Your Dead Body encapsulates a razor's edge punk ethos, B-Movie monster pathos and rock n roll charm.

Mister Monster Over Your Dead Body v.2 is available from