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Track listing:

  1. † KOBE - Primary

  2. † A MURDER OF ANGELS - Words That Lay Buried Forever

  3. † MORS SYPHILITICA - As A Mirror (Dance Hall Mix)

  4. THE MACHINE IN THE GARDEN - The Unaware (Smooth Motion Mix)

  5. † THE UNQUIET VOID - Chrysalis

  6. SUMERLAND - Morpheus (Repraise)

  7. † A MURDER OF ANGELS - Vessel of the Incubi

  8. † WENCH - Damnation

  9. THE MACHINE IN THE GARDEN - Midnight (Dancing There)

  10. † THE MIRROR REVEALS - Moebius Stripped (There's Always Tomorrow Mix)

  11. THREAD - Blue Darkness (Inverse Mix

  12. † ZOAR - Secrets of Death

  13. THE UNQUIET VOID - Angels (The Tortoises Are Nodding Mix)

  14. † KOBE - Aftermath

Middle Pillar Presents

Various Artists - BUTOH

An exploration of the experimental Japanese dance theatre. Butoh is an off-shoot of modern Japanese dance, exploring the beauty in what is malformed and horrific in humanity. While most of what has been released on the Middle Pillar Presents label has been ethereal in nature, it is with this compilation that we hoped to add a rhythmic nature to that aesthetic; to explore, dramatic movement and dance in this dark context.

"We are the erotic as well as the ascetic, the grotesque and beautiful, the fragmented ritualized and improvised whole. We experience the medium and world beyond our bodies not through stagnant objectification, but rather through intense mutual sensation within the movement of the dance."

For more information on Butoh, we recommend this site.

Due to a printing error, tracks 12 (Zoar) and 13 (The Unquiet Void) were reversed on the Butoh back cover art. The correct track listing is to the left.

† exclusive track

Track 4 is an exclusive mix of a track from Out of the Mists

Track 6 is an taken from the All Is Always Now CD-EP

Track 9 is an exclusive mix of a track from from the One Winter's Night

Track 10 is an exclusive mix of a track from from the Frames of Teknicolor

Track 11 is an exclusive mix of a track from Abnormal Love

Track 13 is an exclusive mix of a track from the Between The Twilights