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Track listing:

  1. Wild Wife
  2. Devious Child
  3. Towers of Empty Hallways
  4. Letters From Puppets
  5. Locked Up Outside
  6. Opera March of the Empire
  7. Rhino
  8. Mr Barnum
  9. Find My Way Out
  10. Power the Empire
  11. To Thread a Needle
  12. Impious
  13. Kissing Your Poison
  14. November
  15. Parasite’s Bible

Middle Pillar & Hell’s Hundred Records Present

The Empire Hideous - Body of Work

Hell’s Hundred Records is proud to release the long out of print, earliest recordings from the legendary The Empire Hideous. Body Of Work encompasses the first decade of material from this seminal band that launched from the goth rock NY/NJ scene in the 80’s. This retrospective contains the first three releases including the debut Empire Hideous 12" vinyl EP, This Evil on Earth EP (previously only on cassette) and Only Time Will Tell, their first full-length CD album. All the tracks have been digitally re-mastered from the original sources to retain warmth and body. Body Of Work also contains the bonus track “Locked Up Outside,” a previously unreleased song from their first studio recording session.

But this is more than a celebration of the band’s nearly twenty year history. Body Of Work finally makes available these hard to find recordings that have been long been sought after by deathrock fans. This became especially true in 1998 after Empire Hideous frontman Myke Hideous cemented his place in rock history by being chosen by The Misfits as their vocalist during a world tour, and then moonlighting as lead singer for the very popular Bronx Casket Company – a relationship that includes BCC’s latest album Hellectric.

In order to set the record straight, Myke oversaw the Body Of Work release from its inception, writing extensive liner notes that describe the lineups and history behind the band. The package also contains rare photos of the band’s various line-ups over the years. Body of Work shows the progression of The Empire Hideous from their original punk beginnings (“Wild Wife,” “Devious Child”) melding their primal energy with goth-rock (“Mr Barnum,” “Find My Way Out”) to create their signature sound, with epic tracks like “Power the Empire” and “Parasite’s Bible.” All of which were propelled to great heights by the tremendous vocals of Myke Hideous.

Body Of Work details the beginnings of goth-rock and The Empire Hideous and is available from