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Track listing:

  1. Terror Clone
  2. Art is Dead
  3. Two Minutes Till Midnight
  4. Interlude
  5. My Mind Plays Tricks on Me
  6. Fallout
  7. Heaven Raining Bullets
  8. Welcome to the Here and Now
  9. If Only I Kept Dreaming
  10. Bound to Happen
  11. Post Hell
  12. Depart

Middle Pillar Presents

The Empire Hideous- Say Your Prayers

The debut release on HELL'S HUNDRED RECORDS is the new album from the legendary EMPIRE HIDEOUS: Say Your Prayers. Fronted by vocalist Myke Hideous (Bronx Casket Company, ex-Misfitsthis is the band's first studio release in 5 years. Say Your Prayers is an hour of dark rock with powerful themes and intensely emotional vocals from one of the genre's most distinctive voices.

A voice of warning opens the record and introduces the ominous "Terror Clone," a theme for today's turbulent world. Aggressive guitars and vigorous drums swing into full force on "Two Minutes 'till Midnight", sure to be a highlight of The Empire's live performances.

Scattered between songs are ambient instrumental pieces sprinkled with samples to punctuate the dark and creepy mood of Say Your Prayers. From the apocalyptic "Welcome to the Here and Now" to the middle-eastern feel of "Past Hell", these pieces frighten and stimulate the mind's palette in anticipation for the next track.

The deeply poignant "Bound to Happen" is a chronicle of one's life held aloft by buoyant acoustic guitars and passionate vocals. Here Myke expresses dignity and wisdom ("the feel of the seasons") without falling into sentimentality.

"Depart" ends the record, a dark lament of betrayal, disappointment and resolution. A "secret" live track follows, demonstrating the album presence of The Empire's live performances.

"Say Your Prayers" is a cohesive masterwork from the bastard child of rock n'roll and goth – The Empire Hideous. Available now from