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December 14, 2005

the Machine in the Garden named in Top 10!

Shadow Puppets

  For their Best of 2005 Special, the nocturnally-themed radio show TheSkysGoneOut picked the Machine in the Garden’s Shadow Puppets to be among this year’s top releases. Show co-host, Jason Pitzl-Waters, selected Shadow Puppets as the number two pick in his Top Ten countdown.
TheSkysGoneOut can be heard on Champaign, Illinois WEFT 90.1 FM or you can download the show directly in MP3 format.

This wasn't the first sign that critic's loved Shadow Puppets! The album has recieved excellent reviews in Gothic Beauty, VIRUS! Magazine, Starvox and others.

VIRUS! Magazine says:
The duo's blend of sultry vocals, electronica, and other instruments creates music that is both haunting and exhilarating, with songs that possess wonderful instrumentation, great psychological depth, and artistic vision. Read more here.

Starvox raves:
Hypnotic beats, swirling guitars, ambient textures, and the powerful voice of Summer Bowman all merge to create a sum greater than their parts. Read more here.

Gothtronic writes:
Simply a beautiful CD, one that is very recommendable. Read more here.

Gothic Beauty wrote in Issue #18:
Summer Bowman's smooth voice gleams like a golden liquor in a curved glass. She sounds best without backing tracks and echo effects, but The Machine in the Garden has come far enough that they don't just settle for a melancholy drizzle of piano and slow synth wave while her voice caramelizes. As implied by their name, Bowman's vitality is met by synthetic music as well as wily and dizzying electric guitar. Only in "Mantra" does she seem overrun, while "Suspend" stands out, reverberating with gothy bass and a low undertow before breaking loose, giving the band resolve to ignite the fuel and shatter the surface. The band's silhouette is cast, a garment of guitar and ribbons of vocals around a structure of dark bass, gathered up in an elegantly confident gesture.

ReGen said:
Delicate yet edgy, The Machine in the Garden manages to create heavenly atmospheres without slipping into sleepy self-indulgence or cloying sweetness. Perfect moody music for goths and shoegazers alike, Shadow Puppets should particularly appeal to fans of This Mortal Coil, Faith & Disease, and Black Tape For a Blue Girl. Read more here.

Posted by KD at December 14, 2005 07:50 PM