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November 22, 2005

Coil, Jhonn Balance Tribute & new Tactile album

A tribute to Jhonn Balance & Coil   Tactile, Bipolar Explorer
From Elseproduct, two new titles in stock now and one more coming shortly. Available now, and in limited supply, a very special homage to COIL and the lasting legacy of Jhonn Balance. Also just arrived is Bipolar Explorer the first new work from John Everall/Tactile in years. And coming soon is the various artists compilation Of Spectres... And Saints which deals with spirits, Halloween, and the day after.

COIL: A Tribute to...,
Loneliest Link In A Very Strange Chain: In Memory Of Jhonn Balance And Coil
Format: CD  Price: $11.00  - order here -
Updated Nov 20th 2005: The 2 CD version is now sold out! We now have available the single CD version, which has sixteen excellent pieces and is limited to only 1000 copies.
Begun in July of 2004, this release was originally intended to pay homage to the enigma of Coil and explore some of the untapped themes Coil had created. It was due to be a collaborative collection of music gathered by Justin of Elseproduct and Robert from Ford Proco. The original title was due to be called "Never" and musicians were encouraged to create expansions on ideas Coil brought up, but then never brought to light. Almost all tracks were collected by November of 2004, when Coil suddenly and harshly came to and end. The entire project was put on hold for 2 months while Justin and Robert debating their next move. "Never" did indeed seem a very long time now and the release was almost too painful to continue. Various individuals encouraged the release along. Many delays later and the Elseproduct version is finally seeing the light of day with completely exclusive material.

- track listing -
01. black sun production - johnny over the sea
02. 3z13 - guidance casualty
03. everroad - coiled and vulpine
04. blackcell - teenage lightning
05. ford proco - boy in a suitcase
06. wang inc - decadent & symmetrical
07. point loma - snow
08. bagual - augas negras
09. not - the dark age of love
10. drubh - are you shivering?
11. secret killer of names - spastiche
12. informational terror transmissions - bkeaelsptoin
13. mort douce - halliwell hammers remix
14. tactile - the boy who loved trees
15. kobe - i am liquified
16. ezra nye - solar lodge

TACTILE, Bipolar Explorer
Format: CD Digipak  Price: $13.00  - order here -
New & in stock! Originally intended for release on Coil's "Eskaton" label, now finally made available via Elseproduct in digipack. "Bipolar Explorer" is a journey through the mind of artist John Everall as he brings you into the isolation and beauty of his psyche and presents a glimpse of his internal landscape. For those who appreciate "Timemachines" and "ELPh". Exclusive limited edition CD.

V/A, Of Spectres... And Saints
Format: Ltd CD-R  Price: $7.00  - order here -
Middle Pillar Review: In stock soon, please pre-order now. Extremely limited CD-R. Halloween and its surroundings has a very deep emotional impact. Exploring death and what comes after, these 8 artists present 2 songs each with aural representations of Halloween and All Saints Day. Haunting melodies and electronic isolationism bring a very real peek into the strange moment when barriers weaken and reality is a bit more permeable. This is the realm between this world and the next. Music by: The Dead Dream, Astrogenic Hallucinating, M.I.M.I.C., Gydja, Straiph, Mort Douce, Jason Bundy, and 3z13.

These titles can be found in our new releases section and in our pre-order section.

Posted by KD at November 22, 2005 11:37 PM