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November 22, 2005

Sol Invictus & Tony Wakefield Pre-orders

Sol Invictus, The Angel   Sol Invictus, The Devil's Steed   Duo-Noir, Marseille   Howden / Wakeford, Wormwood
Wakeford / Liles, Cups in the Cupboard   Tony Wakeford always presents a brilliant mix between apocalyptic folk, neo-classical orchestrations and experimental compositions. We expect these five titles from Tony with Sol Invictus plus collaborations as Duo Noir and with Andrew Liles and Matt Howden, respectively, in stock shortly.

The Sol Invictus rarities collection, The Angel, and the 2005's The Devil's Steed are returning at a nicer price. This marks the first time we'll be receiving 2003's HOWDEN / WAKEFORD collaboration Wormwood. Tony Wakeford and Matt Howden delivered 17 Wakeford classics as DUO NOIR, recorded live this past March in Marseilles. We'll also be receiving the brand new collaboration between Wakeford and electronic composer Andrew Liles called Cups in the Cupboard.

All are expected in stock shortly! Please pre-order now from the Middle Pillar store.

Format: CD   Price: $15.00  - order here -
Part 3 in the Sol Invictus Archive series, and limited to just 1000 copies, "The Angel" contains thirteen unreleased tracks, demos and alternate versions of material from the last 15 years of Tony Wakeford's impressive career. Also included is an unreleased duet with Joe Budenholzer of Backworld ("In the Wake of the Wolf").

SOL INVICTUS, The Devil's Steed
Format: Ltd. CD Digipak   Price: $15.00  - order here -
A nod back to their more earthy folk sound. On this release, Tony Wakeford (guitar, voice, keyboards) is supported by Eric Roger (aka Seven Pines; trumpet, recorder, vocals), Gary Parsons (guitar, percussion, vocals), Karl Blake (aka Shock-Headed Peters; bass), Maria Vellanz (violin), Renee Rosen (violin). As well as the usual happy Tony Wakeford songs, there are two traditional songs getting the Sol Invictus treatment, plus a Philip Larkin's poem "The North Ship" becomes the basis for a track. Artwork is by Tor Lundvall. First Limited edition in 6 panel Digipak!

Format: CD   Price: $15.00  - order here -
Tony Wakeford and Matt Howden recorded live in Marseilles on March 25th, 2005. Seventeen tracks including "Ave Maria", "Come The Morning", "In My Garden", "In A Garden Green", "Amongst The Ruins", Believe Me", "Fields", "Against The Modern World", "Death Of The West" and more.

Format: CD   Price: $15.00  - order here -
The 2003 album will finally be available through Middle Pillar! "Wormwood" is Howden/Wakeford collaboration that pre-dates their name change to "HaWthorn".

SOL INVICTUS: WAKEFORD & LILES, Cups in the Cupboard
Format: CD   Price: $15.00  - order here -
NEW! The collaboration between Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus with noted electronic drone composer Andrew Liles comes out as a shimmering fusion of experimental sonics and mystical acoustic beauty. A limited edition of 500 CD's signed by both Wakeford and Liles.

These titles can be found in our pre-order section and in our new releases section as they arrive.

Posted by KD at November 22, 2005 05:12 PM