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August 31, 2005

We love Dead Can Dance !
Dead Can Dance Tribute

  New, in stock and shipping now: Summoning of the Muse ~ A Tribute To Dead Can Dance gathers together eleven of the world's most respected ethereal / heavenly voices / darkwave artists to lovingly recreate the master's songs. Music by: Arcana, Mirabilis, KOBE, Autumn's Grey Solace, Faith & The Muse, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Rajna, Chandeen, Athan Maroulis with Surface 10, and Stoa.

DEAD CAN DANCE: tribute to
Summoning of the Muse  CD  $13.00  - Order here -  Tracklisting:
Arcana "The Arcane" *
Dark Sanctuary "Summoning of the muse"
Autumn's Grey Solace "Musica Eternal" *
Faith & the Muse "Chant Of The Paladin" *
Black tape for a blue girl "Fortune presents gifts not according to the book"
Rajna "Cantara"
Mirabilis "The Writing On My Father's Hand" *
Chandeen "In power we entrust the love advocated"
Arcana "Enigma of the Absolute" *
KOBE "Bird" *
Athan Maroulis with Surface 10 "Ulysses"
Stoa "Cantara" *

* Denotes and Exclusive track

Dead Can Dance and ethereal/tribute related titles in stock now:

Clouds Without Water>  CD  $12.00  - Order here -
Back in stock: "Clouds Without Water" has two songs featuring the unique vocal talents of DEAD CAN DANCE’s Brendan Perry, plus vocal performances by Matt Johnson (THE THE), Jennifer Charles and newcomer Julie Comparini. CWW is a soundtrack that takes us to the edge of the modern abyss, a sonic painting at the beginnings of the 21st century. Ethereal, electronic, experimental with beautiful melodies, delightfully dark.
Visit the Clouds Without Water release page for music samples and album information.

Le Serpent Rouge  CD  $14.00  - Order here -
Domestic US pressing at a better price. Melodies from the orient, feelings of a hot Arabic landscape and beautiful sounds of instruments like the duduk and the hammered dulcimer. This album is darker, more Asian influenced and close to being an instrumental album.

Riverine  CD  $14.00  - Order here -
Heartfelt vocals and darkened guitars combine to form "Riverine," the new ethereal shoegazer masterwork from Autumn's Grey Solace. While continuing to move their sonic artwork forward on these beautifully maudlin compositions, "Riverine" captures the band in their evolution towards a darker sound. Beneath the gothic hues, the driving electric bass lines reveal a lineage from early 4AD bands. The reverb drenched drums drive the passionate compositions with emotive intensity.

The Scavenger Bride  CD  $10.00  - Order here -
Copies of their 2002 album back in stock. The eighth full-length release from the premiere gothic ethereal band. A lovingly crafted concept album set in 1913 Prague with guest appearances from members of Unto Ashes, Audra, Judith, Spahn Ranch and Rasputina.

Halo Star   CD  $10.00  - Order here -
At once a departure and a return, Halo Star's twelve stark songs take a melodic route while the rhythm hammers in dangerous nails. Songwriter/lyricist Sam Rosenthal meshes driving, male goth vocal-stylings with heavenly female voices and forceful percussion and acoustic guitar to create an involving album both rhythmic and lyrically engaging. In this, one of America's originators in the darkwave genre returns to its origins while creating an amazing new album sure to please fans old and new alike.

Bikes and Pyramids  CD  $16.00  - Order here -
Gorgeous dream-pop, ethereal atmospheres and lovely female vocals from this German band that helped define the Heavenly Voices genre. Mixing cool electronics and floaty keyboards with trip-hop elements, "Bikes" glides blissfully.

De Lumiere et d'Obscurite  CD  $15.00  - Order here -
An intoxicating blend of operatic female vocals, strings, synths, guitar and percussion. Darkly majestic and sorrow drenched with a neoclassical feel. Fans of Arcana won't be disappointed!

Thoughts : 9 Years in the Sanctuary   CD  $14.00  - Order here -
Contains 10 tracks chosen from the band's four albums for an hour of romantic, intimate, and personal hymns. "Thoughts" comprises lovely, lush, somber neo-classical sounds with powerful female vocals soaring and ascending above the layers of piano, synthesizer, strings, acoustic guitar, and percussion.

Economy of Movement  CD  $12.00  - Order here -
New music from KD of Middle Pillar and Loretta's Doll! Named after the city in Japan, KOBE is an experimental percussion-based instrumental project inspired by Japanese Taiko/Kodo drumming and Western industrial music. Sonic extremes permeate the album combining elements of tribal and martial percussion, dark ambience, experimental noise, electronic soundscapes and industrial primal intensity. Also features sound-sculpture guitar work from Bryin Dall (also of Loretta’s Doll) and a collaborative track with Bryin’s project 4th Sign of the Apocalypse.
Visit the Economy of Movement release page for music samples and album information.

Pleiades  Digipak CD,  $13.00  - Order here -
Back in stock! "Pleiades" is the stunning debut from Summer Bowman of the Machine in the Garden and Dru of This Ascension. Mirabilis showcases two of the most powerful and distinctive voices in ethereal music. With heavenly melodies and harmonies as a focus, the songs weave seamlessly to uplift the heart and spirit in a collaboration of multiple esoteric styles including medieval, madrigal, darkwave, and neo-classical.
Visit the Pleiades release page for music samples and album information.

Porta VIII  CD  $17.00  - Order here -
This follow-up to their highly praised "Urthona", is an even deeper exploration in the world of classically-tinted ethereal music. Very orchestral and massive, Stoa's music is realized through a mix of instrumentals and Cornelia's beautiful vocals.

Urthona  CD  $17.00  - Order here -
Originally from 1993, "Uthona" is one of the classics from the Hyperium label era of Heavenly Voices releases, finally back in print after a very long absence! Beautiful vocals and neo-classically inspired symphonics mark a wonderful example of ethereal and gothic romanticism.

Posted by KD at August 31, 2005 03:13 PM