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August 17, 2005

Mirabilis back in stock!

Mirabilis, Pleiades

  Finally back in stock, from MIRABILIS, the “Pleiades” CD is available again. Any fans of exquisite classical female vocals (think The Mediaeval Baebes meets the Lord of the Rings soundtracks) should not hesitate to pick this one up! Mirabilis features Summer of the Machine in the Garden, Dru of This Ascension.

Pleiades also has guest vocals aplenty including one from track from Regeana of The Changelings.

For more information on Mirabilis, pictures and MP3 samples from this outstanding project from please visit the Pleiades release page

And to celebrate the occasion we have Mirabilis’ very limited self-titled debut 7" single on sale for just $4.00.
Both The Pleiades CD and the self-titled are available for purchase:

Pleiades  Digipak CD,  $13.00  - Order here -
Back in stock! "Pleiades" is the stunning debut from Summer Bowman of the Machine in the Garden and Dru of This Ascension. Mirabilis showcases two of the most powerful and distinctive voices in ethereal music. With heavenly melodies and harmonies as a focus, the songs weave seamlessly to uplift the heart and spirit in a collaboration of multiple esoteric styles including medieval, madrigal, darkwave, and neo-classical.

Self-titled  Limited 7", Single  $4.00 [SALE]  - Order here -
Back in stock! Vinyl single limited to just 500 copies from Fossil Dungeon in association with Middle Pillar Presents. Contains four madrigal styled female vocal tracks with one exclusive song and one exclusive mix from Summer (of the Machine in the Garden) and Dru (of This Ascension).

Posted by KD at August 17, 2005 10:17 PM