Middle PIllar Presents MPP975:
the Machine in the Garden
Shadow Puppets
Released 06/2005. A seamless amalgam of electronics, ethereal melodies, sensuous rhythms and beautiful female vocals.
purchase Shadow Puppets

Middle Pillar Presents MPP989:
Economy of Movement
Released 02/2005. Taiko, tribal percussion, and martial industrial mixing with electronic soundscapes and primal intensity.
purchase Economy of Movement

Middle Pillar Presents MPP980:
The Unquiet Void
Poisoned Dreams
Released 12/2004. Ritualistic, dark ambient score based upon the works of Lovecraft / Cthulhu Mythos.
purchase Poisoned Dreams

Middle Pillar Presents MPP977:
The Mirror Reveals
This Infinite Eye
Released 05/2004. Enchanting female vocals, ethereal soundscapes, and violin mix with elements of electronica.
purchase This Infinite Eye

Hell's Hundred Records HHR1003:
The Brides
The Brides
Released 05/2004. Ultra melodic thumping fast deathrock with garage punk undertones.
purchase The Brides

Hell's Hundred Records HHR1002:
Mister Monster
Over Your Dead Body v2
Released 05/2004. Razor's edge deathrock with a unique dose of '50's doo-wop and horror camp.
purchase Over Your Dead Body v2

Middle Pillar Presents MPP983:
Released 01/2004. Atmospheric and neo-classical inspired sounds led by extraordinary female vocals.
purchase Pleiades

Hell's Hundred Records HHR1001:
The Empire Hideous
Say Your Prayers
Released 11/2003. Cohesive masterwork
from the bastard child of rock n'roll and goth.
purchase Say Your Prayers

Middle PIllar Presents MPP005:
Various Artists: ECLECTICA 2
Released 09/2003. Label sampler featuring club-friendly tracks mixed with brand new songs that still satisfy our ethereal and experimental aesthetic.
purchase Eclectica 2

Middle PIllar Presents MPP981:
The Changelings
The Changelings
(self-titled debut)
Released 05/2003. Re-issue of the long out of print, ethereal masterpiece, featuring digitally re-mastered sound and new artwork.
purchase The Changelings

Middle PIllar Presents MPP984:
Released 03/2003. A stunning production of darkwave, ethereal and gothic rock songs with an epic layering of female siren song harmonies.
purchase Sentient

Middle PIllar Presents MPP982:
Clouds Without Water
Released 11/2002. The masters of the cinematic instrumental join forces with an array of top vocalists who succinctly illustrate humanity's swansong.
purchase Clouds Without Water

Middle PIllar Presents MPP985:
The Changelings
Released 07/2002. Their long awaited cosmic jewel of ethereal bliss tinged with Middle Eastern percussion and dazzling vocals.
purchase Astronomica

Middle PIllar Presents MPP986:
the Machine in the Garden
Released 07/2002. An album of diverse beauty and transcendence, a powerful yet delicate mix of darkwave influences and ethereal melodies.
purchase Asphodel

Middle PIllar Presents MPP988:
A Murder of Angels
In The Air
Released 12/2001. Atmospheric with elements of neoclassical, melodic, and darkly textured damnbience.
purchase In The Air

Middle PIllar Presents MPP990:
In The Bloodlit Dark - The Lost Album
Released 10/2001. A dark cinematic, subconscious revolution for a New Dark Age; the lost score to the post-apocalyptic movie in your head. 
purchase In The Bloodlit Dark

Middle PIllar Presents MPP987:
The Mirror Reveals
Released 08/2001. New CDep featuring the title track plus three other ethereal songs and beautiful female vocals. Limited to 1000 copies. 
purchase Divinity

Middle PIllar Presents MPP992: 
Released 06/2001. Exotic rhythms, lush instrumentation, acoustic guitar, tribal drumming & deep, rich male vocals.
purchase Sivo

Middle PIllar Presents MPP991: 
Loretta's Doll
Creeping Sideways
Released 04/2001. Very dark electronics and rhythms, featuring guest performances by Genesis P-Orridge and Orson Welles. 
purchase Creeping Sideways

Middle PIllar Presents MPP993: 
Abnormal Love
Released 02/2001. Cybernetic chaos and beauty... 
purchase Abnormal Love

Middle PIllar Presents MPP994:
the Machine in the Garden
Out of the Mists
Released 01/2001. Enhanced CD includes the full length album with twelve new dark and ethereal songs, plus the video for "The Unaware."
purchase Out of the Mists

Middle PIllar Presents MPP002: 
Various Artists: BUTOH
Released 09/2000. A label sampler exploring the experimental Japanese Dance theatre. Ethereal atmospherics with a rhythmic edge. 
purchase Butoh

Middle PIllar Presents MPP995: 
The Unquiet Void
Between the Twilights
Released 07/2000. Celestial ambient...
purchase Between the Twilights

Middle PIllar Presents MPP000:
Various Artists: What Is Eternal
MPP000 Released 12/1998. limited digipak edition of 1000. MPP000X Released 04/2000 in a limited jewel case UK edition of 500 via World Serpent.
Both versions now out of print!

Middle PIllar Presents MPP997:
The Mirror Reveals
Frames of Teknicolor
Released 02/2000. Heavenly voices and ethereal sound sculpture... 
purchase Frames of Teknicolor

Middle Pillar Presents MPP998:
A Murder of Angels
While You Sleep
Released 09/1999. Dark, sculptural, and damnbient! 
Now out of print.

Middle Pillar Presents MPP999:
the Machine in the Garden
One Winter's Night
Released 05/1999. Ethereal, dark and sorrowful... 
purchase One Winter's Night

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