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MIDDLE PILLAR PRESENTS is proud to bring you The Unquiet Void's second CD release, Between the Twilights.

Since 1989 Jason Wallach has been creating his own unique style of synthesized atmospherics that stir the soul and stimulate the mind. Working as a one man electronic orchestra, he composes pieces of celestial ambiance. Jason honed his style on numerous compilations, usually paying tribute to those artists that had influenced him over his  decade long musical career. 

Covers of songs by David Bowie, Lycia and Black Tape for a Blue Girl, as well as collaborations with Lycia's Michael Van Portfleet and Jason's own extensive catalog of original compositions have gained The Unquiet Void an international base of ethereal and ambient music fans.

On the strength of these songs Jason was approached to score the independent film Scorpio by Phantom Productions. The soundtrack ended up being The Unquiet Voidís first CD release.

For Between The Twilights Jason has created an album that literally represents his dreams in audio form - from evening to morning twilight - hence the
CD's title. It reflects visions that surface before the waking hours, in that space where one cannot distinguish reality from phantasm.

What Dreams May Come? opens the record with a miasma of ambient sound and sets the tone that will keep the listener enthralled for the entirety of the CD.  Intangible voices - akin to seraphim -  weep during the verses of Surrealistic Visions, a trance-like ride through the dreaming. This prepares one for the beautifully orchestral epic, Sinking into the Blue, Black Oblivion. Its grand sweeping waves will overwhelm the most passionate of spirits and carry one to higher planes never seen during consciousness. Morning Twilight begins sweetly and gradually twists into a disturbing melody that drags you back in the realm of nightmares and then releases you into daylight.

Between the Twilights sweeps the listener up with swirls of ethereal soundscapes that will subliminally enter the dormant mind - an ascent into celestial ambiance. 

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