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Bryin & Derek,
A Murder of Angels. 

MIDDLE PILLAR is proud to present the newest creation from the dark minds of Bryin Dall and Derek Rush. While You Sleep evokes a universe of disturbing worlds best described by the term "damnbient". The duo have created a sound that faintly evokes the low-key moments of their other work, yet succeeds in creating an entirely new atmosphere. 

Listening to While You Sleep is similar to slipping off into a peaceful slumber that sucks you in like quicksand before it slowly melts into the more disturbing territories of your psyche. Strange voices whisper secrets; directions to forgotten places; mysteries in dust and forgotten languages. As you travel, a subtle unease fills your heart. This is music struck from the collective unconscious, created from archetypes of disfavor and set loose. Haunting melodies weave in and out of rich textures as hypnotic sound waves passively corrupt. A vision in burnt orange and blood-red painted from a mixture of Neoclassical, Electronic, and Dark Ambient styles push the sonic pilgrimage to its tumultuous conclusion. 

Bryin is known for his work with Loretta's Doll, his solo project Fourth Sign of the Apocalypse, as well as Thee Majesty with Genesis P-Orridge. He sometimes contributes to Derek's main project Dream into Dust. The two have previously collaborated together under the name Of Unknown Origin.