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Out of the Mists
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"The Unaware"

Photos by Donna Clancy-Goertz.

MIDDLE PILLAR presents an electronic/ethereal masterpiece from the duo of Summer Bowman and Roger Fracé. The band's fourth CD features thirteen delightful and powerful tracks plus an enhanced multimedia portion for both Mac and PC users which features a video for the haunting and melodic song "The Unaware".

Out of the Mists takes listeners on a journey through the many facets of the band, this time with an edgier, darker feeling. The release explores a more European baroque, neo-classical sound yet still retains the ethereal and electronic aspects that defined the band's sound on their previous albums.

Both visually and musically rich, Out of the Mists is a stunning tour de force encompassing the band's emotional edge. All thirteen tracks show the duo's ever-evolving nature as they continue to push the limits of what is uneasily classified as the ethereal/darkwave musical genre.

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