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Middle Pillar presents
The Changelings Astronomica.

The band's long awaited new album is a passionate leap into the heavens. Ethereal music with movement, melody and a fiery soul. Their fifth album embraces the baroque neo-classical and Middle Eastern elements their fans expect but also expands their horizons as the title suggests.

Exotic rhythms, violins, keys and guitar provide a seductive setting for the warm and emotive vocals of Regeana Morris. Her light feathery stylings dance with the music becoming an instrument itself. Whether it's the ethereal bliss of "Orbit", the raw passion of "Veils of Gold" or the sweet melancholy of "My Shadow, Your Ghost", her voice shares its beauty openly with you.

The Changelings paint majestic visions of outer space throughout Astronomica - from the flight in "Departure" to the ambient "Hyperspace" and the trippy melodies of "Olympus Mons" (featuring vocals by Damon Young), the album glides through you as quiet spacey interludes can suddenly become enveloped by tumultuous storms and finish by careening off into the ether. These two extremes are wonderfully explored in "Parallax" and their playful Pink Floyd cover "See Emily Play", which mirror the isolation of space through languid lyrics but are yet ignited by a caustic, percussive base.

Through a fusion of traditional Eastern influence, beautiful vocals, and a poetic eye to the heavens, Astronomica casts a brilliant and warm, celestial glow.

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