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October 05, 2009

The Changelings' Terra Firma and Amphibian available now

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Both Terra Firma and Amphibian CDs are available now from (here and here, respectively) and as CDs and digital downloads from (here and here).

Middle Pillar proudly presents the long awaited re-issues the last two classic out of print albums by The Changelings. These albums personify the lush sound that defined the band during the 90’s. Digitally re-mastered to fully expand their orchestrations, multi-layered gorgeous female vocals, violin and exotic Middle Eastern/ Neo-Classical melodies & tribal rhythms.

The band’s fascination with elemental themes (earth & water) begins with Terra Firma, which features the classic tracks “Johnny Ether’s Great Escape” and “Salome” and contains a bonus secret track at the end. Music from this album appeared on the History Channel special Beyond the Da Vinci Code. Amphibian, explores water themes and contains “Maelcum’s Righteous Dub,” “Port Royale” (a jaunty pirate tale) and “Oceana the Mermaid Song.” As an addendum, the Mercury EP appears as bonus tracks, never before on this album.

The re-mastering process brightens these albums which epitomize the sound of The Changelings and brilliantly highlight the transcendent vocals of Regeana Morris as well as the instrumentation of the eclectic group. Timeless and worldly, Terra Firma and Amphibian stand as ethereal masterpieces and sound as fresh today as when they were originally released.

Both albums appear in the digipak format with printed lyrics.

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