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May 20, 2005

New Dark-Folk in stock

The Blue Hour - Windless Path

Import CD in stock now from the Polish label, Perun. The Blue Hour's new album is a meditation on solitude and memory. It is about extant ghosts and spirits that haunt our every moment. The album ranges from ambient to neo classical to folk to ethereal. Like "Evensong", "The Windless Path" has an intimate quality with its subtle acoustic atmospheres and delicate sound collages. Also back in stock: The Blue Hour’s EvensongCD.
Stone Breath – Long Lost Friend

Import CD in stock now from the Polish label, Perun. Sometimes quiet and sparse, sometimes with earthen, thick, tangled drones, Stone Breath has been singing their songs to God and the Green Wood since 1995. This CD is divided into 3 parts: the first is of unreleased tracks, the second is cover songs (including pieces written by Syd Barrett, Clive Palmer, Donovan, Pailhead and more) and the third is from a live-on-air broadcast recorded in 2002 at WMBR, Boston.

Posted by KD at May 20, 2005 12:24 AM