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November 16, 2005

Last chance sale!

This is your last chance to purchase some import CDs at a greatly reduced price. Pick ‘em up before we send them back to the depths of hell from which they arose! We’re not kidding! Get ‘em or regret it; they’ll be gone before the month is up!

Click below for the list or follow this link to the Middle Pillar store!

All of these (and more!) are on sale now, while supplies last:

A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR Nacht fiel uber Gotenhafen 10" $11.00
A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR Oradour Sur Glane 10" $10.00
A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR: CODE 243 Urban Guerilla LP $13.00
A.R.S. (ARS) A.R.S. LP $14.00
AIT ! Ait! CD $10.00
ANENZEPHALIA Die Sender Muessen Schweigen 10" $9.00
ANENZEPHALIA Noehaem LP $13.00
ARBRE NOIR Serpent CD Digipak $12.00
ARCARDIA Arcardia 10" $15.00
ATROX The Other Face of Delusion LP $12.00
AXON NEURON / VAGWA Irreversible Neural Damage LP $12.00
BACKWORLD All that Remains 12" EP $13.00
BAD SECTOR Xela CD $12.00
BOCKSHOLM The Sound of Black Cloggs CD Digipak $10.00
C.O.T.A. (COTA) Ta'Wil CD Digipak $12.00
CISFINITUM V CD Digipak $13.00
CO CASPAR Pass the Times CD $11.00
COLUMN ONE La source de la citation n’est pas connue LP $13.00
COLUMN ONE Preset Training 10" $9.00
COLUMN ONE The Audience is Sleeping CD $12.00
COMBATIVE ALIGNMENT Ritez Of Higher Communication LP $14.00
CRUELTY CAMPAIGN Distressed Signals CD $11.00
CYCLOTIMIA Trivial Pleasures CD $13.00
DARKWOOD Flammende Welt CD $12.00
DER BLUTHARSCH The Track of the Hunted LP $13.00
DESACCORD MAJEUR Le Point Immobile Vibrant CD $12.00
DIETER MUH Cari Saluti CD $10.00
DIETER MUH Tertium Organum LP $11.00
DRAPE EXCREMENT Borrowed Time CD $12.00
DVAR Rakhilim CD $15.00
EISENKRON Same 7" $8.00
EX.ORDER Broadcast 23 LP $13.00
FALL WEISS Fall Weiss 2 x 7" $17.00
FIRST LAW Refusal As Attitude CD $11.00
GENOCIDE ORGAN In-Konflikt CD $14.00
GRUNDIK + SLAVA For Electronics and Birds CD $13.00
HAUS ARAFNA The Singles: 1993-2000 CD $16.00
HERBST 9 Consolamentum LP $12.00
HYPNOSKULL The Harder You Try 7" Ltd. Ed. $6.00
I BURN VS. SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS Subfried Traffic... CD $9.00
IN DEATH'S THROES Tactical Disorder CD $12.00
INADE Crackling of Anonymous 2 LP $20.00
INSTITUTION D.O.L. Diskotheka Dekadenza CD Digipak $11.00
ISOMER Serpent Age Digipak CD $12.00
JACK OR JIVE Life LP $16.00
KENOTAPH Promise CDEP $9.00
KRAANG URO: 1981-1983 LP Ltd. $12.00
LINIJA MASS Triumph Stali 10" $13.00
LITH Tribal End CD $12.00
MEN BEHIND THE SUN Unit 731 10" $13.00
MUSHROOM'S PATIENCE Eaten Alive 10" $11.00
MUSLIMGAUZE Chapter of Purity CD $11.00
NO FESTIVAL OF LIGHT officina gentium vagina nationum CD $12.00
OOPHOI Mare Tranqullitatis CD $13.00
ORAISON Au Commencement CD $14.00
ORPHX Chalice 10" $7.00
OTHILA Yula ltd. 10" $12.00
PROJECT THEE THREE Antimother CD $12.00
REUTOFF Reutraum V 7" $7.00
RICE, BOYD AND FIENDS The Registered Three CD Single $9.00
SAL SOLARIS Outerpretation of Dreams CD $12.00
SONNE HAGAL Tarja Ltd Picture 7" $8.00
SPK Zamia Lehmanni (Songs Of Byzantine Flowers) CD $16.00
STAHLWERK 9 / SAL SOLARIS split 10" $13.00
THO SO AA Enrielle CD $12.00
THO SO AA Minus CD $12.00
TURBUND STURMWERK / INADE Peryt Shou Limited LP Box $25.00
TZOLK'IN Tzolk'in CD $13.00
ULTRA Stain CD $11.00
ULTRA UNITED Ultra Audience CD Digipak $12.00
V/A Armageddon's Report CD $13.00
V/A Dedication Vol. 2 CD $10.00
V/A Holy Mother Russia LP $14.00
V/A Japnoise of Death LP $13.00
V/A Overflow CD $10.00
V/A Serene Moments 2 x 7" $12.00
V/A With Brutal Force LP $12.00
V/A Zyklus 1 CD $9.00
VIROLOGIC Bugged 3" CD $7.50
WINTERKALTE Greenwar CD EP $9.00
XANOPTICON Liminal Space LP $9.00

Posted by KD at November 16, 2005 10:55 PM