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October 22, 2005

New items in stock!

New Vidna Obmana project!   A Dark Cabaret with The Dresden Dolls, Revue Noir, Jill Tracy, The Brides and more!

New Vidna Obmana and A Dark Cabaret titles in stock now and available for purchase.

He Spoke in Dead Tongues
Format: 2 CD  Price: $15.00  -order here -
Here Vidna Obmana reinvents himself under a new persona with his Fear Falls Burning debut. This double CD succeeds in uncovering a new language that stretches time and brings the listener to the edge multiple times, entrancing with the repetitive yet pure sonic presence of the electric guitar. The result could be compared to
contemporary drone & minimal ambient acts like Growing and even Sunn o))) with sounds that vary from gritty dirty guitarloops to long sonic landscapes with dense walls of sound.

Various Artists: A Dark Cabaret
Format: CD  Price: $7.00  - order here -
A stylish comp where the title says it all! Taking its cue from the decadence of 1920's Weimar Republic, this mixes Cabaret sensibilities with elements of Rock, Punk & Death Rock to create an exciting new underground. Tracks by: The Dresden Dolls, Revue Noir, Jill Tracy, Katzenjammer Kabaret, The Brides, Nicki Jane, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Rozz Williams, Audra, Pretty Balanced and ThouShaltNot.

Many more titles available:
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Posted by KD at October 22, 2005 02:22 PM