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August 11, 2005

New Imports In Stock

Daemonia Nymphe
Louisa John-Krol & Oophoi

Three new import titles in stock now and available for purchase.

Digipak CD,  $14.00  - order here -
New album in stock now! As featured on the first Fairy World sampler, Cecile Rabhi blends her delicate voice and African influences with a variety of ethnic percussion (thai, derbouka, bambu, djembe) and electronic effects as produced by Fred Chaplain alias LYS. The mix is subtle and astonishing, oscillating between beautiful melodies and electro-ethnic rhythms.

Bacchic Dance of the Nymphs - Tyrvasia
CD Digipak,  $14.00  - order here -
In stock now! This is the second album from this Greek band combines two rare limited releases:"The Bacchic dance of the Nymphs" and "Tyrvasia". Using authentic instruments like lyra, varvitos, krotala, and pandoura the band recreates the sounds of Greek Antiquity as sung by Balkan choirs and bewitching female voices.

I Hear the Water Dreaming
Digipak CD,  $14.00  - order here -
In stock now! Oophoi is famous for his intimate ambient music. Louisa's voice brings a melodic and "fairyesque" dimension to his art. The meeting of these 2 musicians results in a mysterious, ethereal and onieric ambience reminiscent of Louisa's "Approaching the island of Siren" from her album "Alabaster".

V/A - Fairy World 2
Deluxe CD,  $14.00  - order here -
In stock now! CD sampler "Fairy World 2" presents the most recent productions from the mythical Prikosnovenie label. This magic book invites you to enter a fairy world made of enchanting voices and extraordinary music by Pinknruby, Collection D'arnell Andrea, Daemonia Nymphe, Caprice, Jack Or Jive, Irfan, Moon Far Away and more.

Posted by KD at August 11, 2005 07:09 PM