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June 29, 2005

War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds

  For less than the price of a NYC movie ticket and devoid of all TomKat references (except for this one and you’re past it now) you can experience complete aural world destruction, courtesy of Orson Welles, the Mercury Theatre and Loretta’s Doll.

LORETTA'S DOLL War of the Worlds is now on sale for only $8.99.

Released in time for Halloween 1995, Loretta’s Doll created a truly sinister score to the complete already riveting original 1938 Mercury Theatre radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. Back in an era when your imagination was more terrifying than reality and Americans trusted the media more then their own senses, this was the broadcast that had people running in horror and taking cover in bomb shelters for fear of a true alien invasion, or Nazi’s, take your pick. Fifty-seven years later Loretta’s Doll upped the ante creating a new menacing score to a cleaned up version of the infamous broadcast.

Excerpted from Loretta's Doll's War of the Worlds webpage:

A Quick history lesson -

On a foggy evening in October, America went to war with Mars! Normal programming was interrupted as listeners heard the startling news that there were "explosions occurring on the planet mars!"

Reports followed stating that a "huge, flaming object" had fallen to earth on a farm near Grover's Mill, New Jersey.

More landings were soon reported, and a frightened radio audience concluded that the earth was under invasion by aliens!

This is the program that terified a nation. Thousands fled their homes in panic. In the town of Grover's Mill, the local water tower was pumped full of buckshot as frightened believers fired at what they thought was a giant martian war machine.

The true power of broadcast made itself known on this Halloween eve, and no one has forgotten the chilling fear, and awsome force of radio.

This CD is the original October 30th, 1938 radio broadcast, in it's entirety, scored with original music, and soundscapes by LORETTA'S DOLL.

Posted by KD at June 29, 2005 06:12 PM