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Middle Pillar presents the debut album by
Mirabilis, Pleiades.

Mirabilis is the neo-classical/ethereal musical project started by Dru Allen of This Ascension and Summer Bowman of the Machine in the Garden. Using vocals as the primary instrumentation, Mirabilis crafts original musical compositions as well as interprets traditional classical vocal pieces from a number of different periods. The music is melodic and rich and borrows from classical, ethereal, darkwave, and gothic genres. The name Mirabilis is Latin for something that is wonderful, miraculous, or unusual. The two women see their musical union as an amazing and unique experience and the name embodies those sentiments. This artistic joining led to the 17 track creation, Pleiades.

The album Pleiades, named after a mysterious star cluster which in Greek mythology told the fates of seven sisters, blends together the beautiful voices of Summer and Dru as well as guest vocalists Regeana Morris (from The Changelings), Katy Belle, and Rebecca Colleen Miller. The album opens and closes with a ghostly choir evoking the two sisters on the album cover art, and from there evenly explores the different aspects of the heavenly milieu.

The song "In the Dark" leads with its tribal rhythm and background chant of 'In the dark I see clearly'. "Weep, O Mine Eyes" is a beautiful a cappella love song written by John Bennet (16th century), while "Haunted" is an ethereal wail from beyond the veil. "Riu Riu Chiu" is a traditional Spanish song that showcases the harmonies of the vocalists as well as many tracks in Latin such as "Libera Me" and "Mysterium". "Invocation of the Sun" by the poet William Drummond shines with lead vocals by Katy while Regeana laments on the ballad "Ripple". A more classical interpretation is rendered on "Scarborough Fair" while sorrowful keys back up the funeral lay of "An Epitaph" made hopeful by the lead vocals of Dru and Summer.

Pleiades is a triumph of artistic vision by Summer Bowman and Dru Allen and sets a standard for neo-classical albums to come.

Mirabilis has an exclusive remix on Middle Pillar's Eclectica 2 compilation and has released a limited self titled 7" through Fossil Dungeon.

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